Enrich Your Spirit... ALL YEAR ROUND

Wednesday 8 July 2009

“Our Friends Spoke...We Listened!”
Annual and 6 month passes Now Available

Crystal Castle are thrilled to offer both annual and 6 month passes to our visitors. Now you can “Enrich Your Spirit” all year round.

Early in the year Crystal Castle asked for feedback and were overwhelmed by the response. Strongly featured in the comments was the availability of an annual pass which would allow more frequent visits, in particular from Tweed, Ballina and Lismore Shires.

Owner, Naren King, said:
“We feel so enriched to know that our visitors feel passionately enough to provide such fantastic feedback. Sharing the joy of what we have created here is amazing, we’re just so happy people responded in this way.
We were delighted to see so many Tweed, Ballina, Lismore shire residents coming several times a year.”

To be launched in March 2009, the Crystal Castle Pass can be purchased for both a 12 month or 6 month period, offering even greater flexibility for visitors. With adults and children at the same price of $29 for 12 months and $19 for 6 months, upon purchase, visitors will receive a membership number and card that can be easily stored in their purse or wallet.

Not only does the pass allow an unlimited amount of visits to the Crystal Castle, but it also offers access to special promotions and privileges available throughout the year.

The Crystal Castle Passes are an ideal “token to tranquility” to be enjoyed by those who plan to visit even a couple of times a year. It provides a perfect way to catch up with friends at the Lotus Cafe, stroll the gardens and relax, or to entertain the kids for countless hours.

Passes can be purchased at the Welcome Hut on your next visit and makes for an inspired gift for friends and family...or ideally, yourself.

  • By Crystal Castle