Renowned for housing Australia’s most extensive and breathtaking array of natural crystals, Crystal Castle is also making waves on the fashion front with the latest and most sough-after jewellery collection to date.

These beautiful crystal creations, consisting of hand picked semi-precious gemstones including the beautiful, and rare Moldavite from countries including Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Morocco, China, South Africa, Madagascar, USA, Canada and Australia are elegantly and intricately designed into unique jewellery pieces by local artisans, Crystal Castle designer, Sono King.

The stunning crystal collection features striking unique beaded necklaces, fine crafted silver pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets, including one of adornment pieces. With huge demand both nationally and internationally from jewellery connoisseurs who want beautiful and individual pieces for those who also appreciate both the beauty and the mystical powers of crystals.

“Wearing crystal jewellery not only looks beautiful, it is a powerful way to balance and support your energy,” says Sono. “Worn close or touching the body, the crystal’s energy merges with your aura, subtly balancing you physically and emotionally all day.”

There is an art to choosing the perfect piece.

“When choosing your crystal jewellery for its energy, it’s important to trust your own impulsive, intuitive attraction,” explains Sono. “Or you might choose the type of crystal or colour first according to its properties and then choose your piece.”

The most popular pieces incorporate vibrant stones such as larimar and moldavite which are not only exquisite, but very rare, rose quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, turquoise, lapis, rhodocrosite, charoite, garnet, moonstone, labradorite, citrine and amber.

But whatever compels you to buy your favourite piece you will undoubtedly make a statement wherever you go.

And if you let the crystals work their magic, you’ll definitely unleash your inner goddess.

The array of crystals and semi-precious stones used in the pieces is vast, both visually and spiritually.

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