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Saturday 1 November 2008

Tarot Readings have always been a popular choice for visitors to the Crystal Castle.
Our newest Reader is Shari , who was previously a member of the Crystal Castle family in 2003-04. We are very happy to have her return as a Crystal Castle Reader.
Shari has been studying & working with the human & animal connection to the crystal realm for 20 years. Her readings are in partnership with the Crystal Ally Cards, which incorporate the elemental forces: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind & the flow of energy through the chakra system.
“My crystal readings assist by giving guidance to a deeper understanding of how & what you are manifesting into your life.
Most people, when they enter the Crystal Castle feel an energetic shift - a sense of peace & tranquillity - an enlivenment of the Spirit. The rush of the outside world begins to disappear - mind chatter begins to ease as you breathe deeper & become more relaxed.
To understand our relationship with crystals, you need to understand that all things physical are actually energy – the frequency of energy & its rate of vibration makes it appear solid. Everything vibrates – the chair, the tree, the ocean, the crystal, you, me.
Our bodies are made up of basically the same minerals & crystalline structures as the earth, in different combinations & quantities – when you are attracted to a particular crystal, be it size, shape or colour, the corresponding mineral components in your body vibrate at the rate of frequency of that crystal. The change in vibration is picked up by your heart & your brain with signals being sent to the cellular level of your body. You may sense a feeling of wellbeing, an elevation of your mood as the opportunity for your energy to be re-balanced & re-aligned can happen.
My reconnection to the crystal realm began in 1988, My first crystal was an Amethyst point – this crystal is still a constant companion.”
Shari offers her readings at the Crystal Castle every Monday and Friday.

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