November 21st Newsletter

Tibetan monks visit the Crystal Castle, 'What's On' this weekend and more...!!!


Weekend Workshops in the Peace Room

Saturday 23rd November; join Heidi Bartz in the Peace Room at 1pm for – The Violet Flame – guided meditation. Heidi takes us on a guided meditation with the Violet Flame and shares the ways that we can use it in our daily life. The Violet Flame is an amazing tool which clears restrictions and negative patterning. It can assist us to transmute our negative thoughts, feelings, words and actions into the light.

Heidi is a transference healing practitioner, teacher, a meditation facilitator and a reader here at the Crystal Castle on Sundays.

Sunday 24th November; come along for a brand new workshop – ‘Crystals, the Sun and the Moon’ in the Peace Room at 1pm with Patsy Bennett.
Discover how to create more harmony in your life through a deeper understanding of your own ‘yin and yang’ energies, the essential, universal male and female energies. This workshop with astrologer Patsy Bennett will explore how crystals can restore harmony to your own male and female energy centres (or chakras), and how astrology, and specifically the Sun and the Moon, relates to ‘yin and yang’ energy.

Patsy is another reader here at the Crystal Castle; you can book a personal reading with Patsy on Saturdays.

Free Facepainting for the children in the playground 12pm to 4pm

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Join us daily at 3.10pm for
‘The Crystal Castle Peace Experience’

Be immersed in an enriching sound healing bath, a visualisation meditation and sacred ‘Kora Walk’ around The World Peace Stupa.

A unique Crystal Castle offering that deepens your inner and outer sense of peace. Be brought to a place that invokes your compassionate loving self – enrich your spirit

Peace Room 1pm workshops and the Peace Experience are free of charge once inside the Crystal Castle.

We look forward to seeing you!


Tibetan monks from the Sera Mey Monastery

Wednesday 4th to Sunday 15th of December

Join us at the Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens from Wednesday 4th December as we welcome back the monks from the Sera Mey Monastery for the creation of two very special sand mandalas; The Medicine Buddha and the Chenrezig (Sanskrit: Avalokiteshvara) sand mandalas.

Join the monks each day at 10.30am for meditation and to hear their beautiful chanting. Then watch the amazing creation of the sand mandala daily from 11am.
Each afternoon at 3.10pm there will be a meditation and sacred Kora walk around the World Peace Stupa. (this special ritual with the monks will take place as the daily Peace Experience)

After each sand mandala is finished you are invited to join us and the monks for a dissolution ceremony and to collectively pray for peace and harmony in the world. This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of an ancient ritual!

Special Cham dancing and chanting performances will be held on Saturday 7th and Saturday 14th December at 1pm on both days.

Click here for more information and the daily program.

Calling all volunteers… We need you!!

Calling all volunteers and lovers of the outdoors… Come and be a part of our wonderful team. We need help with the many ongoing garden projects around the Crystal Castle and Shambhala gardens. We have 5 hectares to love and maintain.
The organic food garden is abundant with fresh vegetables and we thank all who helped with this wonderful project. We have more projects afoot and need your help!!

You will be warmly welcomed into our tribe by our unique and amazing team of people, and each day you will be given tea/coffee, cake and lunch “on the castle”.

Click here for more information.

Meet the latest Crystal Castle readers

These lovely talented ladies cover many modalities from Tarot, Astrology, spiritual healing, counselling, transference healing, psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant readings and beyond.

We recommend booking in advance!!

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Uplift 2013

The Crystal Castle is proud to be an affiliate and supporter of Uplift festival once again in 2013.
Uplift 2013 features a full program of inspiring lectures, interactive talks and dynamic panel discussions, plus ongoing sessions featuring yoga, dance, devotional chants, sound therapy, art workshops and a dynamic youth space. The evening program is where we invite you to unwind to world music and uplifting dance beats from international musicians and world class Australian acts.

Uplift Festival is a globally live-streamed 4 day Festival happening in Byron Bay. An expanded celebration of love and humanity, it brings together some of the finest global evolutionary leaders who will join millions worldwide calling for a positive shift for Planet Earth.

As a member of the Crystal Castle community you can sign up for the live global webstream for a special price, 50% off, by simply entering the code CRYSTALCASTLE33 when you sign up.

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We have two full 4 day passes to the Uplift 2013 Festival to giveaway to a lucky member of our Crystal Castle Community.

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